us2_smallAbout Estes Village Leather & The Craftspeople

The owners of Estes Village Leather, Les and Kimball Beery, have been making leather goods together since 1968. They successfully operated their retail leather store in Estes Park, Colorado from 1974 until its sale in 1994, making their own unique products to supply the store. Now, these fine leather products from Estes Village Leather are on-line and literally at your fingertips.

In order to keep more items in stock and ready to ship around the holidays, we are thinning the product line to reflect just the most popular items from the over 3,000 items we have made for the last 40 years.

coastersThe Best Reasons to buy Estes Village Leather Product

  • Only American tanned top grain leathers
  • Hand dyed antique finish
  • Solid brass buckles and rivet reinforcements
  • Braided nylon stitching
  • Original art by Kimball
  • Actual leaves embossed in leather
  1. These products are made from top grain, domestically tanned, premium grade leather which is used throughout the construction of the item. No liners, stiffeners, fabric, plastic, cardboard or vinyl materials are used. These “other” materials will often fail prematurely and limit the life of the product.
  2. Harness leathers are hand dyed with an “antique” finish (darker around the edges) to develop a contrast which allows the design to stand out. These leathers are stiff at first but soften to a rich supple texture with just a little use. This process can be accelerated by the application of mink oil or Fiebings CARE®. They will also stretch to accommodate more items as they break in.
  3. All stress areas are rivet reinforced. The zippers, snaps, buckles and rings are all made of solid brass, not plated base metal or plastic and will keep their color for the life of the item and never rust.
  4. The stitching is of specially UV treated braided nylon which has extreme strength, resistance to abrasion and enough stretch to absorb shock loads without breaking. At the end of each stitch line, where most companies would cut the thread, we take time to melt the ends of the threads which fuses the stitching and prevents unraveling later.
  5. Original works of art by Kimball are from pen and ink drawings which have been etched into metal and embossed using a 15 ton press.
  6. Actual leaves are used in the leaf embossing process. These leaves and grasses are collected in the fall and pressed and dried for several months. Then the leather is dampened and the leaf embossed into the surface using the same 15 ton press as we use for Kimball’s artwork. This leaves a very detailed impression which can only be seen after the antique dye process is complete. Because the leaves usually can’t be used more than once, this insures a unique design every time.
  7. Because of these factors, we can offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty. This covers the structural factors involved in the construction of the product and specifically excludes normal wear and tear encountered during long use. Any item, no matter how well made can wear out through normal use. Even when these products are worn out they will still be in one piece, structurally. The life of the product can be extended by conditioning with mink oil or Fiebings CARE®.

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